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Hey. My name is Jan, I am from Russia.
I have been working in cryptocurrency since 2017, joined the Keep community in January 2018 through Slack.
I am very interested in the project from a technical point of view and I want to contribute to the community.

I continue to work and improve my work.
I have also been monitoring my node for many months: 0x9118F45d7cE829e2389a2E79C39ed1866053bB38


Hi, in September, my friends and I decided to do a job in the Minecraft game, which we love very much.
Even though it looks like it's just a game, we spent a lot of time building the castle, creating skins and recording a small cutscene.
The main thing is that we had fun. The work includes:
- game map with the world
- 4 skins for the game and 3D pictures with them
- screenshots of the castle and video The entire work can be viewed on the github:
Also still running both nodes


Now I have launched two nodes: ECDSA and Random Beacon.

I also want to add a little to my message for the current PFK.

1) My nodes work as well. Added 680+ eth to smart-contract.

2) Created some memes and gif:3) Wrote an article to help those who want to launch their own ethereum node on ropsten testnet:

4) I share information about the project in my Russian-language telegram channel (150+ participants) and Twitter (1250+ subscribers): I hope the project will grow and more people will learn about it. I also try to help all members of the community, especially Russian speakers. Mainly with starting a node and installing packages in Linux. This only a few example:I will be supporting the project in the next months.
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