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Hello. My name is Oleg. I'm interested KEEP and TBTC because it is innovation. That allowed my Bitcoin to run on the Ethereum  and made me freedom. What inspired the creation of the animation that shows my attempts to convert Bitcoin to the Ethereum  and how I once lost everything trusting scammers.
Run Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes. 
My work that took a month: Thanks

My work that took a month:

Run node.


video about a man who went into space to convert bitcoin to ether and failed because he didn't know about TBTС


video about a another man  who also went into space to convert bitcoin to ether but almost made a mistake, a robot helps him and guides him on the right path. Because the world of cryptocurrency is dangerous and many people want to take possession of other people's bitcoins but there is only one place where it can be done safely and this KEEP

and 2 meme:Thanks
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