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Hi, everyone. My name is Dmitry and I'm from Russia. I'm one of the founders of the local cryptogeek community. Of course, we do not have any contributions or positions, everything is done on a voluntary basis and in mutual interest. We often meet and talk about various topics, discuss news from the cryptocurrency world, and cases of blockchain implementation in everyday life. After learning about and studying, I decided to introduce it to as many people as possible.

I continue to participate in PFK.

In October, we continued developing the website, optimized the user interface, and added and organized all the winners of the September contest. In addition, we continue to promote Keep in our city. We have placed Keep booklets in a local hookah shop, which contain information about the project, Keep's mission, and its creators.
After studying, guests can fill out a test about Keep, based on the results they will receive a free hookah, branded keychain, mug or magnet ;). The campaign lasts only a week, and we have already been asked for advice and help in setting up the nodes a lot. My nodes working well for 2 mounths.
I wish good luck to all PFK participants and the project's team!


My Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes still working.
I received a lot of thanks, as well as questions about the Keep significance for the crypto industry, the role of tBTC in Keep, and the terms of participation in Playing for Keeps. This gave me the idea to create a website with detailed and clear infographics about all the PFK winners. I tried to collect all successful applications and divide them into different categories. Now, before participating in PFK, you can visit my site, study the contributions of other participants, and get inspired for your own work for the Keep community.
The site will be updated with each new round Playing for Keeps and may expand its functionality. We are also planning to make a mobile version.
In my opinion, this is also a great opportunity to perpetuate the entire history of the contest, its founders, judges and participants. Sincerely, Dmitry.


First of all, I updated the cups in my small coffee shop. Now our guests drink from these lovely cups!I also managed to replace the glasses in the next bar with these!Then I printed out the business cards with Keep social networks and my contacts on the back.
We have already received the first requests and thanks because many people still find it difficult to distinguish a really worthwhile and necessary project from another dummy, scam, or Ponzi scheme.
I'll be glad to help you with network tests. I started Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes as well with adress: 0xe988894198dB0e62C7cd131088878dcB13A6E78F  If you are in Russia, come visit us. In my coffee shop, you can also pay with BTC, LTC and Waves:)
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