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Hello everyone, I am Iurii and I am digital nomad.
Currently I am in Georgia, but last 2,5 years I spent in lovely Estonia and before that most of my life in Ukraine. Like a lot of others, I’ve discovered Keep Network during the ICO boom and joined your famous Slack.
I had a couple of ideas for the current mini PFK but spent all my free time for the Quest, lol. Will focus on them next month.

I have already introduced myself last month.
So here is just my contribution to Keep Network:

1. Still running my Beacon and ECDSA nodes at 0x25f21E1F4fcc0D12EAb9f6994484E34bf1d9B480 with 300 ETH

2. My article "What can you do to participate in Playing for Keeps from the Keep Network?" get a bunch of reeds this month. So, I hope it was helpful for someone.

3. Continued to promote Keep between my friends and crypto community


This is my PfK submission for September.

1)    First of all, I am still running Beacon and ECDSA nodes, with 300 ETH added.
I moved my nodes to another location, last month their address was 0x36c78A89232Ca9be7D01e5E33902C486d1ad88d8

2)    Secondly, I made an analysis of past PfK awards, so people may understand better what activities are necessary for the project and community. I will continue this sheet and will add September winners as soon as they will be announced

3)    Based on the analysis above I’ve created an article for the newcomers in English and Russian, with the brief ideas for PfK.

4)    I made one translation. I hadn’t intended to make translations until I read an article of previous PfK winner @alphamethod about the possibility to run a node using Raspberry Pi. I was fascinated and decided to make a translation in my way of learning about Raspberry Pi, Kubernetes and all that interesting staff 
Original: Translation:

5)    I helped a couple of people from Russian community to start a node, providing them with a Ropsten ETH.

6)    I organized a short meeting for my friends and my friends’ friends where I told them about the Keep Network and provided them with brief information about KEEP, tBTC and how this might change the blockchain landscape.  
Some of them were really interested and we may take part in the future activities. For the next month I have an idea of a bot that might help a lot in terms of tBTC minting and redemption. So I will focus on that.
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