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Hey Every one My name is Chirag, i am from India .Currently living in UK , i work as a IT engineer .
I have been investing in Crypto Since 2016. I Have followed Keep project since the slack days Around February 2018.Read about the initial version of whitepaper.
Have been supporter since then ..Bear market made me turn off from Crypto.
After understanding about Play for keeps .I have tried in my own way of explaining and marketing About keep network...

Here are my contribution for Month of October

APP Development Have Currently Developed an APP for Both Android & IOS, Idea of the app was to be a All in One App for Keep network/TBTC user to track all Coolest Things happening on the network.
APP is currently Live on PlayStore Apple Approval Awaited (Adding for Transparency)  

Once approved Will launch Website as well Some Features about app :

1.Community Apps Integrated (Curated list of Cool Community apps integrated in One Place)

2.Trade HUB Live (Open In browser Option) One Stop shop Place for trading Tbtc/Keep Token from various exchanges integrated at a single place. Currently In-app integration works only for Fortamatic wallet, hence Open in browser is selected Since Wallet Connect is yet to provide Andriod listeners for In-app integration

3.Knowledge Guides (Curated list Guides for users of TBTC & Keep Network)

4.Node Troubleshooting -Have integrated of Keep’s Discord troubleshooting page (Updated Every 15 days)

5.Publication on Keep Network- (Contains Curated list of Reports by all the Major Publication’s Such as Consensys,SIMTHERI etc on Keep Network & TBTC along with Knowledge Docs)  

6.News-Have done Live In-app Feed Integration for Keep Network Blog & Matt Blogs

7.Keep Video Content(Includes all the Explainer/Interview/Podcast Video ,Integrated at a Single Place

8.Twitter Feed (CEO & Keep project)—Have done Live Feed In-app integration, Where Users can View Tweets without even Logging into Twitter

9.Keep Discord (Andriod/IOS) –Deep Link In-app Integration Completed, Users can directly Switch Keep Discord with One click of button in the app

10.Events (Work in progress) Google Calendar Integration pending 11.Github Will be Continuously Pushing update to the APP , V2 Version will be released Soon With In-app Integration for Trading of TBTC & Keep token.

11.Github Will be Publishing  update to the APP , V2 Version will be released in 2 weeks

Part 2 Continued Part of Submission from Above

1. Wallet connect  In-app Integration for Trading of TBTC & Keep token from all markers at single place
2.Keep Design Meme market place and collection
3.Keep network merchandise store

Other contributions

2. KEEP TESTNET Node : I have been running the Ecdsa & Beacon nodes.

3: Keep Design Contribution Have Done short Videos for Twitter Promotion of Keep Network , Idea is to make such Video Every time we hit a Milestone ,Would love to hear feedback on it so that I could continue making such videos4. KEEP Community help : Have Helped people Setting up node(Not an expert) & Provided Information Wherever I could ,Also have participated in Decentraland Meetings for Community Support


Here my First PFK submission for month of September...
Here have tried to cover everything what Keep network stands for...
Why would anybody choose tbtc over other solutions present in the market .The confusion around Circulating Supply...
I have tried my best to explain everything in this video.So any new investor or A tbtc user has enough information at his hand before he makes the decision .
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources