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Hi, My name is Alex. I'm web dev and crypto enthusiast from Russia My primary skills are: negotiations with customers, website development, SEO, setting up VPS dev environment. participating in testnets. Interested in crypto since 2017. Engaged in Ether mining as a business. I am interesting in the problem that KEEP Network solves at the planning stage of the ICO. (Blockchain privacy - this is what's Ether missing) So I want to be a small part of project and I am playing for KEEP  right now. I've only got random beacon (2 - to be exact)  up and running but might be more useful in future if time allows.

Here are my Nodes adress: 0x9841f5d3703b4a569e7aeda1f37fc2d9bf9c10a7

I created very simple guide to deploy Random Beacon and ECDSA node and local GETH node with Docker Composer


Here are my entries (random beacon Ropsten adresses): here is an old one - 0x9841f5d3703b4a569e7aeda1f37fc2d9bf9c10a7 and fresh - 0x1738BAcF3b686C12CA084C7fB727aB5E61dF1683
I completely forgot to create an entry here in early April - so I did not take part in the first round, although the node has been working for a long time. But better late than never.
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