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ey everyone! My name is Andrew!

I run the Node.

In this month i worked hard with my mini team and i have a story to tell! Let's go in order!

1) In August, my friend @Skoll and I made a telegram channel with transaction alerts! We updated it this month and it KEEPs working!
You can see it project on link: (@bot_tbtc)
And see how it works on GitHub:

2) Also, @Skoll  offered to make Whale Alerts and i agreed without hesitation and now any user can receive notifications about transactions from the desired amount (1 TBTC, 5 TBTC, 10 TBTC).
Also we added statistics about TBTC-token (Price, Total Minted, Total Burned, Total Supply, Holders count, Transactions count, Total Deposited in BTC and Deposited Value in USD).
We called this bot 'TBTC-Assistant'.
You can see this on link: (@tbtcassistant_bot)
And see how it works on GitHub:

3) And me with my gf draw the sticker-pack with Whale AssistantYou can get this pack on link (
or write pm in TBTC-Assistant (
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