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for, helping tons of community members stake, and all the Spanish community support!
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Hello! I'm Bonsfi and run nodes for different networks. I really like Keep. 


During this month we have onboarded several mainnet nodes and now want to present our first pool node initiative: 
This initiative is custodial but we will produce a non custodial node in the future 

We plan to onboard the first users during the next days


And also wanted to share a practical guide on how to move your node from Ropsten to Mainnet.
I hope it helps! There will be both Spanish and English versions

I continued my work preparing a guide for anyone interested in liquidity mining using Mooniswap:

And I also created the spanish version so that no spanish is left without rewards


Hello again! Now we are very near the end of Playing for Keeps. I've been running my help site and have been coaching others to set up their nodes. I hope that was a good idea to help the community. I will continue with my efforts to help!

Just remembered everyone to update their keep nodes. I hope my site helps! Thanks and GO Keep GO!


For the spanish speakers I just created a tutorial on how to sign a message with Metamask:

Just created a very easy and direct resource to know how to run Nodes and PARAMETERS of last UPDATE. I will be updating it on every update. It would be nice if a member of the Keep team dm me. Maybe @Kris?  Thanks!


Just produced a guide that shows step by step how to mint tBTC on Ropsten. It startst with Metamask address creation, and continues with account creation, together with recommended Faucets and how to use the tBTC Keep Dapp.
Please have a look at:

Also developed a tBTC minting guide in Spanish. Hope it helps!

I did a tutorial on how to redeem your Ropsten tBTC. I did it because I found it hard to understand the meaning of TDT ID in the redemption site. In the tutorial I explain how to get it with a bot. The idea is to make it easy and understandable for everyone
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