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Hello everyone , my name is Dmitry.
I am a beginner adventurer in the crypto world and blockchain technology enthusiast .
I am from Russia and have recently been interested in cryptocurrency and really want to develop myself in this direction.

Below I will describe which contributions i made for the October PFK , I hope you, as a developed community, will support me in my endeavors.

I have Beacon and ECDSA nodes with operator address.
I was one of the participants in the Moscow meetup,  where we had a great time and thought about how we would promote the Keep product together.  
We also exchanged cool gifts such as "keep" T-shirts. We also discussed what useful contributions we can make to the Keep project.  
Photos of this Meetup MSK you can see here .
I want to wish good luck to everyone who plays with me this October PFK and also success in your endeavors.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources