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Hello! I'm a JunieFox, long-term investor, crypto and technology enthusiast.
My main interests for a long time were traditional stock markets and commodities.
But in recent years, crypto changed everything for me. I really like the idea of tBTC and DeFi overall.

I deployed KEEP nodes.

Since the Playing for Keeps judge this month is Arjun Balaji and he is Investment Partner at Paradigm, I've decided to create an all-in-one investment dashboard for the KEEP community.
I think it will be handy, because the majority of KEEP holders do not have enough tokens for staking and they are still more investors than stakers for now. People need a tool where all the necessary information will be collected and updated in real time.
Here is it:

Main features:
1. "Keep Pulse" - beautiful real-time monitoring of KEEP price
2. Main info about supply and emission
3. Calculator
4. Market info
5. Keep & tBTC twitter feed
6. Keep blog
7. Crypto & stock market news
8. Game to earn KEEP scores and have some fun

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