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Hello Keep. My name is ARTEM. I'm in KeepNetwork community from 2018 since when we talked in Slack. I really wanted to participate in your project and this chance has come!As part of  "Playing for keeps"

This month is dedicated to those who like to solve quests and difficult puzzles, and I am one of them) yes yes! This month I can boast that I solved the riddle one of the first to realize that the quest in the style of the secret group "Cicada 3301" and completed all the tasks of the super interesting and difficult quest "about a secret accomplice and where he hid the key to the secret vault!" here is my original view for the past months PFK
What else I want to tell you today I finished and published an article where I compared the installation of two different validators: the Certik project validator in the Cosmos network and the ECDSA validator node in the KeepNetwork network. I want to develop further and participate in the life of the project, I look forward to new tasks! Good luck to everyone and good hunting for valuable prizes!


I have run a Keep ECDSA node 06 June 2020 . My operator adress: 0x045Eaa81A138d3FD31f395d2a12D4DaE2eAf064F. The whole month of July I actively participated in the life of the keep! I participated in organizing a competition from the community for the distribution of a test BTC and Ether, helped the rebates from the community with the organization, I also successfully completed the necessary steps, participated in two stages, and submitted reports! mint / redeem BTC actively found and talked about errors, performed all updates and all requirements for the operation of the node, filed logs about the operation of the node, charged / bonded ether to its ECDSA node (for all the time it downloaded more than 2000 ETH, thanks to this it was part of the working system.


I have run a Keep ECDSA node 06 June 2020 . My operator adress: 0x045Eaa81A138d3FD31f395d2a12D4DaE2eAf064F
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