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Hi, guys. I'm Lionwong, a programmer form Asia.

I run my node.

In October, I'm trying to use Connext to integrate TBTC and KEEP into layer2, then user can send and received TBTC with state channel.

Connext is one of the most famous state channel solution in Ethereum, which also used by The Graph: 
I implemented my idea based on Dai Card, a state channel product developed by Connext.
Since Dai Card only supports ETH and does not support any ERC20 token, I have made many changes to the Dai Card.
The detailed process of my change has been posted on Github, you can see it here:
Here is the Dai Card which changed by me:
I have encountered some unknown obstacles, so the transfer function has not been fully implemented so far.
I still working on it! Hope it could bring more users to TBTC!
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