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Hi, my name is Sergey and I am from Kyiv. I am working in advertising.

nodes are running smoothly from the beginning of October without downtime.
I continue to rebroadcast announcments with referal link to the Keep Discord and educate my network about Keep Network -
Added my October PFK stack to the LP on Uniswap. Here is a tx - 0x9a4af859b200135be10dd1d79f017151dc575b018bbb3bd827a7be50bf41efb3.
Waiting for Eth-only stacking:)

As @avirdoz has already mentioned,
and are info channels, in which we will try to explain in simple manner what is keep, how it works and practical benefits of usage of the platform, aswell we will publish announcement there.
English mirror of telegram channel and youtube captions are planned too. It’s my first time to be in a role of a vlogger, so will progress rapidly;) Here is a small artwork, maybe it could be useful for the community.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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