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Hello to all! I'm "Playing for Keeps". My name is Sasha, I’m the node operator, I have many different nodes, and I have also been interested in the KeepNetwork project for a long time. In April 2018

I wrote an article about installing two operator nodes this is our favorite project KeepNetwork node Beacon and the project Bluzzele fork of the Cosmos network.

I also want to tell you that I participate in" Playing for Keeps " starting in June 2020. here is my original presentation:

I continue to keep the ECDSA node and the Beacon node here is my address: 0x43c7b442D152F28bdA0924621cD5f6f62dbe150f and I really like it, over the past month I have read reread articles in our discord that I can write doctoral desserts   However, I have never been chosen as the winner ! I also completed a quest (fascinating, emotional, interesting, intriguing, exciting) and wrote about it to Mr. Detective @Keeper of the Net #8388 and thank him for the hints! 


 My ECDSA Operator Address: 0x43c7b442D152F28bdA0924621cD5f6f62dbE150f . And now friends 2 months have passed since my test acquaintance with the Keep Network project and other comrades in the community, I learned a lot, began to delve into and study the project in more detail! Participated in Stakedrop. I actively participate in the exchange of test BTC in the application
I was lucky, I got quite a lot of tBTC and successfully exchanged it back to my BTC! I also successfully updated and transferred nodes from one server to another twice, launched and maintained the Beacon node, edited and added new contracts, reported reports and provided logs, reported errors! I want to continue to live with the project not only on the testnet but also on the mainnet, the Keep network deserves any praise and any attention in the current crypto community!


I was added to the whitelist and subscribed to the newsletter, and also attended the video conference "" and after that I installed the ECDSA node on June 8 and I plan to keep it until the end of 2020! I also want to take an active part in the testnet and report bugs, I also plan to mine tBTC! My ECDSA Operator Address: 0x43c7b442D152F28bdA0924621cD5f6f62dbE150f
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