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for the work on Helm, Kubernetes, monitoring, and tBTC bot!
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For translations, code, and community involvement!

this month I've been aiming to help support the community of node operators in Discord specifcally in areas such as backup, monitoring.


After discussions around node providers and rate limits  in the last couple of weeks I thought this would be a valuable addition to get people thinking about this as we approach the stakedrop! You can find the article here: My operator address is 0xe0930d3C9f9dC6423E07829E62cF86e92c6C6D89


I've worked through a few things this month about deployment, monitoring and continued to develop the twitter bot (and made the repo public!)
I put together a Helm Chart, this should make deploying nodes into Kubernetes quick and easy. To help users get started with this I wrote up guide and which also included setting up Prometheus and Grafana and installing a dashboard.
You can find all these resources in the links below!
And my bot ( is now open source here


I've put together a first pass on a Twitter bot for tBTC, it's not complete but once the testnet is active again I can add more.
Currently I've built out the framework and have it Tweeting basic daily stats which include:
  • Current issuance (in btc and usd) 
  • Percentage increase over previous day
  • Min/Max for that day 
You can see an example of the tweet here:
I've also open sourced the code here:

I will be adding extra features including
  • realtime minting, burning and other events
  • ci/cd probably into a serverless deployment 
  • collecting more data time as the network grows to allow more complex stats (velocity of tokens, net flows, ownership concentrations etc)
 I've been looking to improve my Typescript so it's been a good excuse to do so!
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources