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Round 7
25k KEEP
Round 6
2500 KEEP
Round 5
We finally finished Keep mascot that we teasered last month - Sir Keeper.
Round 4
Tier One (5k-10k KEEP) + @L i z 's Design Bonus - Additional 5k KEEP
Round 3
Tier Two
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Hey, i'm Salty, i participate in managing online community, part of which is focused on nodes(including running Keep nodes), which brought me here.

PFK ENTRY NOV-DEC hey there, it’s Salty, your friendly neighbourhood narwhal and mod. cool to see the momentum that Keep network and tBTC are gaining every month, so what did I prepare for you guys this month:
-as some people kept on boosting keep discord server we now have ability to put on a banner. i discussed it with Liz so she came up with some things she wanted to see on it "Could represent community (abstractly), discussion, open source, privacy...
I think incorporating some of the images, geometric patterns, overlays could be nice."
below you can find result, we both liked it, however my first variant was with the white layer around K, about which Liz had some concerns, as it pops into the eye more than anything else, just because it's one of the bright things in here. on the picture it's a 3rd variant. so she asked me to post in design-creative for feedback and add few more options (grey and black). In the end community have chosen black one which became an actual Keep discord banner got a bit inspired by @dentstt poap work, so lotta thanks to him for that
Liz added it later as a banner:
created new animated avi for Keep’s discord server. you can find it when hovering over it on the left side.
For those who might be interested, I posted few other versions on figma, just to see what else we were considering during the process.
you gotta double click on it on figma and then click play:
Was even lucky enough to get a shout out from Liz in announcements:
-Usability Survey Token Dashboard Was the first one to fill in Usability survey for the Token Dashboard. Submitted it to GitHub as required.
-Won access to Paris Blockchain event through meme competition
as this month we're focusing on marketing and promotion of KEEP, i've made a very-very simplistic graph for the comparison of costs to mint + redeem in WBTC, RenBTC and tBTC.
The key idea was not to make something very sophisticated and artsy, but rather very plain graph but so that it could be easily edited by anyone and then exported. Here are the steps if you want to use it for your marketing efforts:
-Open the link, press "Duplicate to your drafts"
-Open it in your drafts -Edit Lot size and Text of calculations to match the lot size and fees for it (you gotta do calculations yourself, sry).
-Export ready image and use it. I still don't know whether it's a good idea or not, but decided to give it a chance.
-did a small thing to help some folks make translated elements ready-to-be-used. On the left side you can keep original element and on the right side you'll have your translation.
-Added 5000+2500 PFK rewards into liquidity and farming happily. It ain’t much but it’s honest work:)
Set up my own Beacon and ECDSA nodes early July.


I'm happy that tBTC is finally on mainnet and now we have even more motivation to work towards our goal and bigger things to do. As usual, tried to be helpful within the community, engaging in conversations regarding project, answering questions and so on.

- Made some corrections to ru-translation of Matt's article, as it seems that people are forgetting for fix some things after Google translate, hopefully everyone who's doing translations can step up the game.

- Happy to see all the things going on with Keep and tBTC right now, including #tBTCzkSyncTorch
As Sir Keeper becomes more and more popular throughout community (people using emoji, even few design-covers last month)
I decided to double down on him and created version fot the #tBTCzkSyncTorch Higher quality PNG can be found at Figma down the link: 

Also felt cute and decided to spend 10$ on minting it myself just to see how it looks like as an NFT. It also has embedded text for the person who receives it.
(message link in #design )

- Participated in second quest of Keeper of the Net and then tried to help rdfbbx#6437 to resolve issue in final TG bot of the quest. I mean, he did all the brainy stuff, and I jsut kept sending messages on his demand.

- Caught a bit of inspiration and thought maybe these 2 tBTC-Lightning pics might be useful for Corollari's project somewhere (in blogpost, or on social media, idk)
Horizontal, original image by Noaa (Unsplash)
Vertical, original image by Sean Pierce (Unsplash)

- Proposed to add tBTC in high quality into Community Design Kit, as it's one of the assets that is used frequently and is absent in official Media kit.-Submitted POAP bagde design as a part of contest. I hope I can get enough votes to win this.Upd: It's now one of 3 works that are in the list to vote for

- This month some of my suggested in September guidelines for design channels were added by Liz into design channel descriptions As a result, late October I received community moderator role, which I already was performing unoficially in design channels from time to time

- Was one of #tBTCzksynctorch bearers. Had some issues in UI, but as soon as possible passed the torch to Nahuus. So all good in the end

- Finally, after extensive testing (hundreds of mint txs) on ropsten I've minted TBTC on mainnet yesterday.
Almost everything went smoothly, just had one minor UI issue, it wouldn't refresh last 2 confirmations itself, so had to F5, but other than that, i'm quite satisfied and proud I took part in testing with everyone else here.

- As some of community members requested, adaptation for Sir Keeper discord emojis was made.
Here's how before/after looks like. Left side normal TG stickers, right side discord emoji adapted.

- Participated in organization of 1st Decentraland Keep Meetup with awesome @diceKudos to him to doing majority of work and coming up with this idea. I believe my main contribution besides discussions of the event was designing NFT for participants of meetup and minting it.After 1st meetup was quite successful @dice organized second one week later to which I also provided art support in form of NFT

Last meetup was for Halloween, and of course we did an NFT for it too, which you can find here:
As we're quite clattered with intrusive bright colors in modern digital world which are made to grab our attention as much as possible, recently I decided to turn my phonescreen into grey tones. Gotta say, so far I liked the transition. So this inspired me to adapt design kit for grey tones, which will optimize all design experience for folks who use the same screen mode and also will make it more accessible for people who can't see colors.

So that the shades of mint and violet do not merge or could be confused, gray is selected for violet to a tone lighter than for mint. The tones for brass and green are similarly selected. Yellow and its shades are presented in a lighter gray palette. To make red stand out as it should
- gray is closer to black. The shades of all colors are correspondingly matched to the shades of gray from light to dark with a uniform transition. Text color was inverted in some cases as it became unreadable in grey shades
brand / mint 787878
... (more detailed list of colors you can find in the original discord message
... product / mint-80 6E6E6E

Here's the link for the kit in grey tones

Main changes are in the "Style library" with the colors Would love to hear any feedback or missed spots. Some of the components (as, for example community showcase or to do lists) shouldn't be transitioned at all, but just felt like doing it:)) As usual, thanks to my designer-frens for advising me on this. Later updated snack bars according to Dat's feedback.

- Made some suggestion for the main design kit, you can find them here on the link with turned on commentaries (5 of them there)

- Started to providing liquidity in the tBTC Metapool in Curve- Took some time, but got them tBTC dapp components prepared in Figma. They have their own style, a little different with what we are seeing at the main netpage and token dashboard, so I considered them worthy to be in the Kit. tBTC logos and pure rings are also there in svg.

- Published "ELI5 guide on how to go from BTC to earning yield. tBTC", which is more textual currently, but I'm planning to fll it with more screenshots for easier understaning

And of course, I'm still running my RB and ECDSA nodes from early July.


Description: I started following project in June and set up Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes in beginning of July.
I am a proud part of telegram channel and its community "0 Yakuza" which focuses on trading, investing, nodes and all sorts/ways of participation in cryptocurrency and decentrilized finance industry. September PFK Submission:

Updated nodes to latest configs and docker version in timely manner

Moved my nodes from free Infura account to my Ropsten node to support more significant qty of requests daily. Added 100 Ropsten Eth once again for bonding, since last 500x2 are lost in previous contracts.

Trying to be helpful in discord as usual, additionally sending Ropsten ETH (usually 20) to those who need it for setting up their node and operating smoothlySubmitted User review for test tokenDashboard with some things that might be good to fix so we could improve dashboard and make it a bit more accessible at the same time:
Following the review and short discussion with Liz, tried to tweak "disabled" versions of the button. You can see results in the message in the design channel:

User Review of test tokenDashboard · Issue #2085 · keep-network/kee...
Below you can find my U

As i discovered this month, I actually submitted quest entry right and got 2nd to the correct answer. Had a blast with it. -Tried to layout Community guidelines for the #design channel. This should be finished and polished, maybe also layed out better, but this is a first step

Memes, since it's the best modern way of communication and spreading the word:  
Not a meme per se, but rather helpful suggestion for meme-crafting

"We finally finished Keep mascot that we teasered last month Sir Keeper. I'm happy to present it and share a bit about the process of creating it, where we took ideas and inspiration.
First of all, here's link for adding it on telegram:
Hopefully @L i z would help me out to add them to discord too. I will do necessary tweaks so it would fit Discord format. First thing anyone would notice is Keep branding on his armor and that he is Keep-colored himself. But also important detail which some of you here noticed last time is that his helmet reminds you tBTC logo, on which we made more accent in "Zen sticker".
In juggling sticker order of balls also makes sense - you are taking bitcoin, putting it onto ethereum so it becomes TBTC in the end.
And as you can notice, in a lot of cases we took popular memes or relevant topics and actualised them into Keep or crypto style.  
You can find all the PNGs and vectors on google drive, so you could use it not only as sticker, but in any way you want (Mediums articles, etc.).
If I could somehow add them or link to google drive into community Design kit, would be lovely.

I hope it sparks joy for you. Might be feeling cute later and make a lil Keep giveaway for one person who guesses all the meme references (idk, is 50 Keep good enough for such task?) in next couple of days, how does it sound?

I was even more happy today when Liz managed to add 8 of them into Discord emojis so everyone could use them here and not only telegram   And of course, I'm still running my RB and ECDSA nodes from early July.

They're running at following address: 0x5d3C106B91DE817c4fB5e255BF87B6CD6a697D29


Will definitely use my grant to continue contributing to KEEP further. Here's my small submission for August 15-31 
Added 500 additional Ropsten ETH for bonding. Fot that moment on redeployed contract I've got 549 eth bonded and 500 eth available.
Followed whataday2day#1271 example and sent all nodes from Gold list 20 Ropsten eth, additionally sent to some people who is not on the list

Memes, since it's the best modern way of communication and spreading the word:

Participated in quest and as I believe, submitted correct answer, hopefully won't be proven wrong in few days.

My Beacon and ECDSA nodes are still running with following address: 0x5d3C106B91DE817c4fB5e255BF87B6CD6a697D29 which I also added to (@LatentHero and @qwertys318 mutual project)

This month my main contribution will be in design. I teamed up with my friend-artist Den and we came up with this character, which represents Keep spirit.  Working name - Sir Keeper. He is representing fortress/Keep which is made to defend your privacy, and he is the main protector of it. Armor is made in project colors and with Keep logo so you won't confuse this character with someone else.  Primary use case will be telegram stickers, discord stickers, but we will also release vector images so it can be used in any articles or in any other designs. For now we are planning to do more than 25 different emotions, part of them are classic emotions for stickers and part of them are based on popular memes. Will continue working on it in September too.
Links to images:


Description: I started following project in June and set up Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes in beginning of July. I am a proud part of telegram channel and its closed community "0 Yakuza" which focuses on trading, investing, nodes and all sorts/ways of participation in cryptocurrency and decentrilized finance industry.

-Trying to be helpful in Keep Network discord channels and to answer some basic questions if I know answer, followed Ingag#8096 in his initiative to give out some testnet BTC for those who needed it, hopefully it helped, since at that moment testnet BTC faucets were pretty clogged( Manually provided 20+ people with testBTC.

-13.07.20 added 100 Ropsten ETH to available for bonding in order to allow tBTC contract work properly. Later added 50 more. Now with new tBTC contract I have successfully updated my nodes and added 550 Ropsten ETH into it - most of it was bonded quite swiftly.

-Put down a short list of Ropsten faucets for community:

-Participated in organization of community quiz for 30 questions - 50 test BTC in rewards and 1000 ropsten ETH for KEEP community members so that they could use it to participate in tBTC challange

-Encountered and confirmed these same issues as some other community members:

-And made a minor bug reports:  And also made a few memes, since it's the best modern way of communication and spreading the word
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources