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My name is Stanislav. I'm 30 years old. I learned about the project recently. The project is really worthy.
 And the most magnificent thing for the community, it is generous!
I am ready to take part in the promotion of the project!

My August PFK:

2 NODES - BEACON and ECDSA (updated to the latest version).

My October PFK: Made a website


2 NODES - BEACON and ECDSA (updated to the latest version).

My September PFK:

I wrote in my previous message about my readiness to participate in the development of the project. Work starts small.

I will attract people and tell them about the project! Made a website . Soon it will be available in 2 languages .

An article section will be added, a promo video and a couple of training videos about raising the node will be added! And also a lot of pleasant and useful things! Phone design made  @bakarapara#3452 Thanks!


Created video

Created stickers

2 NODES - BEACON and ECDSA 0x5112b23b67c2cd6Da01ba08A5d187220e637816f
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