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During October my focus was on yield farming tutorials and ELI5 guides helping drive tBTC liquidity.

1) Step-by-step tBTC minting + yield farming with tBTC on Curve ELI5 video and guide (already used in other projects, for example @tBTC_yield_bot by Gregg First)#0054):2) Yield farming with tBTC on Balancer ELI5 video and guideWaiting for Sushiswap incentiviced pool and other pools. 

3) Created a Balancer tBTC+wETH pool with maximized BAL rewards which in just 24 hours became 2nd in terms of liquidity for tBTC on Balancer.

4) - simple website to help new users without experience in yield farming to go from 0 to yield with BTC.

5) Ropsten Beacon and ECDSA node operator address: 0x5F033c89f3e769cD5f9D76eb66856dcECa9487b8


Hi everyone, both ECDSA and Random Beacon nodes are running for about 8 days.
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