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Have been involved with Ethereum since early 2017 and mined BTC back in 2013.. though the 1 BTC I mined got hacked from MtGox.
I'm hugely excited by what cryptocurrency can do for all of our lives and am aiming to decentralise my own as much as possible.
I'm also taking the next year or 2 to dedicate to learning to code and be involved at the base level of this all this stuff even more. 


Still running my ecdsa testnet node. Generally loving being a part of this community and defending it against WBTC loving linkies on Twitter with Matt :P  
Have put my minted tBTC to work in Balancer and then Sushi and now it's residing in Curve providing liquidity to those that need it 


I believe it's best to give an update in this channel even if you've already introduced yourself.
I've now been running a testnet node for over 3 months and am very much looking forward to staking ETH when it arrives soon! In the meantime I did mint 1 tBTC.. the process was pretty straightforward in the end.
I recommend anyone who has BTC anywhere or even WBTC etc to convert over to tBTC as I believe the team are going to announce some nice farming incentives soon :)
Honestly one of the most exciting places in crypto right now and the community here rocks 


Finally got my ecsda testnet node up and running. Am hoping to contribute to staking for the foreseeable future as I believe BTC on Ethereum is BTC's only hope haha. Maybe I'll even finally buy some ;)
My operator addy is 0xe3e4ccf722c7c7a0e6a8c5e9975ad3d798e33847

I've continued staking over this time as well as reading up here and there in the Discord.

Well, I've also decided to create my first ever coding project inspired by what's happening here at KEEP!

I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved over the last week building this which is also thanks to the help of much of the community both here and in other Discords like Synthetix h/t @psybull and also on Twitter for the advice to use sqlite instead of json

So I present to you 'Giver of KEEP' bot for Discord :)

Although I do have it reading from Web3 and am successfully showing a user's ETH balance, I have yet to code in the specific contract query where KEEP is sent. And ofc it's not actually connected to any faucet unless the KEEP team wish to use it.

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