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Hello. My name is Kiryl. Im from Russia. I belive i have been followed Keep project since 2018 from slack - I expected that project would have ICO, but it was not. Next I found in just now, in the end of august. And  im glad to rejoin to your community again. Great to see that it growed so much now.

1. I run next ESDCA and random-bacon nodes on following addresses: 0x0466F18dF15866B1DF1B47cCA3F73a35641d0DfE 0x212d63eba3A0cC55C0BEBAcc7FbaD7d70013219a

2. Me, like everyone in crypto community, was looking with interest to your  tBTC launch, thats one small step for KEEP network, one giant leap for decentralized world!  Unfortunately I couldnt help you with it, because I don’t have developer background and experience. But I made some translations of articles about tBTC and tBTC launch to Belorussian language to make it available to everyone.
So I translated next 7 articles:
Originals of articles:3. And finally I made 2 simple introduction  videos about KEEP project and PFK


I translated 7 articles into Belorussian language Originals of articles
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Translations:Second, I also run both ESDCA and Beacon nodes  my ETH wallet: 0x933882b72ad5C1342D9ac22877449Dfe85610C0E
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