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hi i'm interest to playing keep
name : kelvin ( kelvin404)
Why you’re interested in Keep or tBTC? : i think keep is gonna be most hype crypto project in 2020 so i feel interest to play and know more about keep and tbtc and also about tbtc i think its really useful when we don't need to use crosschain or else to store btc in ethereum network
What you are submitting for Playing for Keeps prizes : not really sure but if this is related with game i'd really love enjoy it but if something else i'll learn that.

here is my last month submission:
and herer is this month submission ( october ):

1. Runing ECDSA and beacon Node.

2. Doing Some Transaltions from blogs:3. Create some memes

i have runing  Beacon and ECDSA nodes.
and also doing some interaction with tBTC such mint tBTC and store tBTC in private wallet, proof:

Memes: designs: translations to bahasa indonesia:

how to convert BTC to tBTC in tbtc,network


tBTC, the Safe Way To Use Bitcoin in DeFi, Is Live on
IOSG article about they


Article translation of tBTC introduction in bahasa indonesia:

Designs : memes:marketing:  
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources