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If you stake on mainnet and you ever wonder why sometimes things seem to happen "by magic" — a call you meant to make was snagged by someone else, a deposit exited courtesy call — you've likely seen his work. ssh has been an angel on mainnet, saving people's bacon while the network bootstraps.
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stakedrop helper MVP, turbo minter, Dune board, and volunteer moderator!

- bug triaging here: together with kferret
- plenty of support in the #💻development channel
- adding tbtc cover to the yinsure front-end
- added more scripts to help operators/users to interact with the keep smart contracts:
- wrote a script to watch the chain for incomplete redemptions to prevent liquidations; has been running since 2020-09-27 and fortunately only caught 2 instances of missing redemption proofs thus far:
- expanded and updated risk guide for mainnet and to include beacon nodes:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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Contribution: Community Resources