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Hello to all. My name is Stanislav. I'm from Kazakhstan. I am an engineer.
 I work for a construction company. I'm really happy to join the community. Having studied the project, I believe that a great future awaits it.

October PFK Submission:

1. Running 2 Nodes in August > Random Beacon + ECDSA.
2. I continued my work on stickers with the team members. Added 15 new stickers with @L i z . now the sticker pack contains 20 stickers.


1. Running 2 Nodes in August > Random Beacon + ECDSA: 0xBe0f160D6A97d6Bc9AC7f6D9A50EC4De9971a083

2.I continued to translate articles into Kazakh.
3.I made 3 packs of telegram stickers with team members and 1 pack with a community adviser. @Matt Luongo@clp16@L i z@prestwich


1. Running 2 Nodes > Random Beacon + ECDSA: 0xBe0f160D6A97d6Bc9AC7f6D9A50EC4De9971a083

2.  one of the first people who translated 10 articles into Kazakh language
3. Meme:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources