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Greetings from Czech Republic!
My name is Anton and I have been studying various areas of the crypto industry for 5 years.
At the beginning of August, I read about project and realized that I would definitely become a part of this community. After discussing with a friend (another crazed crypto enthusiast) the prospects for the Keep community development and our possible contribution, we were surprised to find a complete lack of materials about the project in our native language. Unfortunately, not everyone in the Czech Republic is fluent in English, many do not know it at all. We decided not to leave our fellow countrymen in information isolation and started translating articles about Keep principles  and the project as a whole!

- Part 1 -  

Hello everyone! We are still working on expanding and forming the Czech Keep community.
Despite the fact that last month our work was ignored, we do not give up and work on new projects!
Here's what we've been able to do recently:

1) Translation of key materials into the Czech language:

- tBTC Custody Support Now Live on Gemini
- What Is DeFi?
- What is Infura
- The Importance of Randomness: Keep’s Role in tBTC
- How to Use the tBTC dApp
- Keep and tBTC Launches Supported by More Than 40 Industry Partners
- tBTC Will Never Liquidate Your Bitcoin
- Introducing Our New Team Members - How to integrate tbtc into your defi dapp - Introducing Keep Advisor James Prestwich

- Part 2 -

- Keep stakedrop risks and mitigation strategies
- A fully decentralized “bridge” between BTC and DeFi is now Live!
- tBTC Integrates Bridge With Celo Blockchain Platform

2) Informational Telegram bot in three languages:

3) We also developed a small informational website about Keep in Czech. It covers the main points concerning the structure and application of Keep. We also used an explanatory video from @Artem , thanks, @Artem !

4) Among other things, one of our friends, as a "thank you", suggested that we place Keep's business cards in a local cafe.
Now he greets guests in this t-shirt!
And of course, both of my nodes are still running: 0xF6c4c7352A62e81ec22E108c09977eE359f70e93 Thank you Keep, Czech Republic is with you!


Within a month, I was working on translating articles into Czech again. Here's what I managed to do:

- How to Use the tBTC dApp

- What is Infura

- Keep and tBTC Launches Supported by More Than 40 Industry Partners

- What Is DeFi?

- The Importance of Randomness: Keep’s Role in tBTC

- tBTC Will Never Liquidate Your Bitcoin

- Introducing Our New Team Members

- How to integrate tbtc into your defi dapp 

-Introducing Keep Advisor James Prestwich

- Keep stakedrop risks and mitigation strategies

In addition, I have developed a telegram bot project. At the moment, it includes systematized content in three languages: English, Russian, and of course Czech. It also has other cool features. The functionality and content of the bot is constantly updated. Be sure to try it!
We also created the Czech Telegram group Keep, which already reads almost 100 people! Here, we communicate, discuss the latest Keep news and of course help each other understand the nuances of participating in Playing for Keeps!
Together, we will continue to work to grow, educate and inform the Czech Keep community! P.S: my nodes also working well since august - 0xF6c4c7352A62e81ec22E108c09977eE359f70e93


Here are some ready-made publications:

- Introducing Keep

- Keep is Now Fully Open-Sourced

- 75,000 KEEP Awarded to PleBTC in Festival Hackathon You can find links to original articles inside.

I plan to create a complete database on Keep in Czech and create a Telegram community for mutual assistance and training for everyone.
I also launched Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes with adress: 0xF6c4c7352A62e81ec22E108c09977eE359f70e93 . Both nodes are working well.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources