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The Judge's Top 5. Their contributions were focused on ECDSA staking and many issues including technical requests and hardware experimentation.
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Okay, my turn. My name is Alexander and I'm developer from Belarus who became interested in cryptocurrencies/blockchain during last bitcoin pump and then was heavily burnt by all the possible kinds of scams but didn't lose faith in humanity & better world. 
I'm here because:
- I like everything which makes ethereum better
- Would like to get some BTC one day but too accustomed to metamask
- Want to see cex-es obsolete one day and feel like Keep & tBTC might heavily contribute to it by empowering dex-ex & DeFi
- Want to learn from real blockchain project
So far I've only got random beacon and ecdsa up&running but might be more useful in future if time allows. My primary expertise is desktop apps but I possess broad set of random skills
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