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Hello everyone! My name Alex.


PFK Octember

I created a DAPS that allows you to exchange TBTC for other tokens safely.
The code can be found here Solidity smart contract here
First, the buyer or seller creates a deal and allows the smart contract to exchange tokens. The other party then confirms the transaction and allows the smart card to exchange the tokens. Then any of the participants calls the exchange.
If all conditions are met, then the smart contract exchanges tokens. Everything is very simple as in real life. In addition, I updated the neural network (more and more data every day) come in and see! (!!! Disclaimer: for entertainment only, do not use for trading decisions !!!)


I continued to study neural networks and improved the network for price prediction The code can be found here
Telegram interface:
But the discovery for me was reinforcement learning. In this technology, you can create an environment (something like a gym) for training a robot. Depending on the environment and rewards for actions, our mocked robot gains the ability to learn. I made a virtual gym with a bunch of kip token data. At the beginning, the robot has a starting balance, based on experience, it decides what to do to buy, sell, or do nothing. I achieved tremendous results, my robot was able to increase its initial portfolio by 50%. To be honest, this is a very fun, rabbit hole-like experience.
I posted the final results on the github
Just like my robot is learning, you can see here:
And the neural network itself is here:
I also learned how to make simple sites (do not judge strictly, this is my first)
I want to thank the team that my research is appreciated!


Recently, I started to study neural networks, and I came up with the idea to create a neural network that will add a price (I know it sounds ambitious)
I used the data of the market, data from the ether network. As a result, I write the received data into the database. Then I created two different prediction models, trained them, and tested them on test data. I screwed up the telegram and twitter interface to publish the results.
More details can be found on the github

Interface: telegram @Keep_prediction_bot twitter

Future plans: collect more data, create more accurate models, adjust hyperparameters, add visual interface (website) !!! Disclaimer: for entertainment only, do not use for trading decisions !!!

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