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Hello, my name is Nick, I’m from Latvia, about Keep I heard in early 2018, was subscribed on Slack.

My October contribution:

Ropsten Random Beacon and ECDSA node up for about 8 weeks now.
Also I have another 2 Beacon and ECDSA nodes, that I launched 3-4 weeks from now.

I done monitoring and comparisons from infura, all nodes work perfect! My creative design:Also made stickers, which are most used in Keep Russian community telegram group:Translation to Latvian: (I translated all the most useful articles and guides how to launch a node , and helped community to do it)Memes:
meme is liked by Keep team, thank you ;) And my bot, what I ordered last month at the moment has 133 real subscribers


In this month I launched two nodes Beacon and Ecdsa they work perfect ,I done monitoring from infura.

My design:Translation to Latvian: (Latvia is very cryptofiriendly and good place, I translated 6 more interesting and useful articles for Latvian people)MemesAnd I orderd Unibot for Keep token, from Unibot team, there was a long queue, but I managed to negotiate.
The bot displays all transactions on Uniswap with Keep token, all sell’s and buy’s, I think it’s really useful thing:
Thanks for attention.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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