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Hello, I’m a 100% crypto maximalist from 2017. A proud Keep Slack member since early 2018!!! 
1) KEEP Emojis 

I noticed that our KEEP server has very limited selection of branded emojis. I decided to create a special pack for the KEEP Server. I picked all the best from the original Discord that we all love but added the KEEP flavour!
2) tBTC emojis too

3) I boosted the KEEP server to the next level. Now there are 150 emoji slots, 50Mb upload limit for ALL MEMBERS. My pleasure to do this.
4) 2 logo reveals on Youtube
5) My 2 nodes are running on this address: 0x0A88C5c4F0Cc6b348a49c072bfFD62407A68816a
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