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Hi guys, I am Oliver, working in Finance.
I was way excited for tBTCs launch and very sad to see it delayed. Im an avid trader on DEXes and need a decentralized btc pair to trade with! I am actively making sure that tBTC will have a liquid pool on sushiswap as soon as possible.
I am really excited to see the growth of tBTC and cross chain functionality in general.
long term bitcoin user and really excited about tBTC launch, I have been championing for sushiswap to move first to create liquidity for tBTC on the DEX. I´ve made sure to get it to Maki and the other devs attention and it looks like we could possible have a incentivized tBTC pool within the coming two weeks. Meaning increased liquidity for tBTC and hopefully higher volume for sushi, but also that you guys can earn sushi from your tBTC! Really excited to see two of my favourite projects coming together.
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