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Hey everyone, my name's Vasily and yeah, I also come from Russia I got to know about the PFK accidentally, you know, around the water cooler ... and I thought it was interesting.

Hi,folks ! My name's Basil.
This is my last game. In the last game I have small parting gift - rework video about the importance of the keep community . I was delighted to get to know the team and the community. You are in my heart!
So as I put my last award in liquidity:
Random Beacon and ESDCA.

For my work this month, I have decided to make a video about the importance of the keep community .
When you are immersed in a sea of ideas and projects, you feel that you are not alone .
You are a part of a team! This will lead us to the top and help us reach new achievements! 

My film:
Random Beacon and ESDCA nodes still work.


At the beginning of September my journey to the "KEEP" country has begun. Cartoons were the Starting point - (Thank you @Artem ) !!!

I moved on armed with new knowledge and a cup of coffee . Then I went to the land of nodes, swam a sea of   guides , walked through the drought of the test ether and in the end , the beacon show me the way, yippee!! And now I have reached almost to the end; I realize that there's just me and the Big Boss - PFK contest! The Big Boss knew my weaknesses, he attacked me... with that procrastination magic. Woohh  - "let's watch some youtube and scroll through some memes ". Then the magic  of "uncertainty" arrived", "you won't get it done in time", "you'll create a complete crap", "surrender" and yes, I kinda lost my heart ... the computer mouse fell out of my hands.
But a voice inside me whispered: "I want the KEEP tokens ! Get your shit together, rag!" and I did. I took my camera  and my chubby friends . And I went to shoot a video about how the Bridge symbolizes the possibility of BTC transferring to the Ethereum network via tBTC technology and shows the importance of tBTC in the development of cross-chain technologies.
Did I defeat the Big Boss? Well, we're gonna find it out soon ... 
1) I am running both: Random Beacon and ESDCA nodes.
2) my video :
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