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Hello everyone, my name is Mo. I am a doctor based in UK and got into crypto late 2017. I strongly believe that a community says a lot about a particular project and since joining the KEEP discord group, I have been thoroughly impressed by how considerate the KEEP team have been in answering my simplistic questions and also grateful to the KEEP community for always being there to help. As a result, I have found myself drawn to the project and learning more about it.

Dear PFK Judges. Here is my PFK submission:

Youtube Channel :- @chandru  and I continue to maintain KEEP YouTube channel. We believe growing and maintaining the channel is vital to promoting the KEEP Project. We would be grateful if the PFK judges would consider allocating rewards so that it can be used to fund and incentivise content creators to make original and professional content for the channel.

Uniswap and KEEP 4 Week LP :- I've added my previous PFK winnings to Uniswap in KEEP/ETH pool. In addition, provided liquidity in the form of KEEP/ETH and ETH/TBTC Pools.
Nodes :- Been running for more than 3 months.                                                                                                          to integrate KEEP and TBTC
Reached out to David Mihal who kindly agreed to integrate KEEP Network and TBTC onto his popular dashboard.
I have sent the DM screen shots to @Matt Luongo.

KEEP community Engagement :- Twitter engagement - example-
I have recently started head hunting / network with content creators on Twitter.
In addition, along with some community members we are in the process of starting a Marketing channel on Discord so that we can focus on developing useable content going into 2021. The aim would be to pay creators a bounty only when their work is used by the KEEP team.

If anyone is willing to collab on creating content so that it may be published on the YouTube channel then please get in touch - A possible starting idea would be to create a video highlighting why one should HODL KEEP Network Tokens.

Finally, my random beacon and ECDSA nodes are running.

I recall how @chandru kindly helped set these up for me last PFK so that I could make a submission last month. Through that act of kindness
I went onto winning and here I am collaborating with him to bring you all the new and much improved Keep Network YouTube Channel.

Credits/ shout out goes to @Artem @Leonard for their great explainer videos. In addition, @Kris @Matt Luongo for being supportive of the idea and giving feedback whenever possible.

Subsequently, I have become super bullish about the project! - I have actively tried to contribute to the discord chat on a regular basis and where possible contribute back in my own way. So what have I done?

1) I noticed that KEEP Network had a dormant you-tube channel. I took the time to review it and wrote a proposal where I gave constructive feedback on how this could be made better. I have communicated this across to @Matt Luongo and @Kris. I am eagerly awaiting further instructions on how I can add further.

2) Early TBTC Minter - I decided to mint TBTC in real time where I provided real time progress updates of the various steps involved. Although, there was a clear disclaimers that minting process had risks associated with it, I went ahead with minting a whole TBTC with the help of the KEEP team members and the KEEP community members who held my hand during the process. Something I will never forget :). Following successful completion, I went onto providing constructive feedback to Matt on the user experience. I hoped by doing this any appropriate changes could be implemented in any future updates.

3) Networking -  I took the initiative to approach the 0x matcha team so that TBTC could be listed there. I was informed that TBTC is now on their consideration list. In addition, I have approached Hart, co-founder of UMA and told him about the TBTC launch and how a collaboration there would be ideal for both projects. It was great to hear how bullish he was on the project.
Evidence: NEXUS TBTC cover proof:

- Start of minting process with real time updates.

- TBTC added to 0x matcha consideration list. Update: TBTC has been added to 0x matcha. Proof:
Finally - proof of approaching Matt/Kris to update the Youtube channel and constructive feedback on the minting process can be obtained by speaking to Matt and Kris. I would not like to share those screen shots as I have not gained their consent.  

Oh my random beacon and ECDSA nodes are now running my operator address is: 0x7a2b3dcd64e3962acebec90f610834233b75ee7a - Shout out to @chandru - True Legend! Love the KEEP community... it appears as though I have folk rooting for me now. 
Have to say you get to speak to some awesome individuals with amazing characters in this group!
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