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Hi guys! Hello Keep! My name is Alexander. username alt-fire#8483.
I Joined to crypto world in 2017. Glad to join the KEEP community! I am from Israel, speak Russian, Ukrainian, English and Hebrew. Can be helpful with quality translation to Hebrew.

PFK entry Oсtober:

1.  added liquidity tBTC\WBTC on sushiswap  Tx 0x5fe6d54ed58150a5493e67280b04c826f7e7f3dff0b9e67abfe87b439aa0c4f7

2. voted for Eth\tBTC on Sushiswap

3. Translation of web resources into Hebrew:4.    Translation of articles into Hebrew:  

PFK entry September:

1)My ECDSA and Beacon node address 0xdc8d4BabB4A54E1f46E5886aB38B6971219F2180
2) 20.09.20 I tested the mainnet tBTC before the official launch. now I am tBTC owner)) Transaction Hash: 0xf0aed3f372f68e135190f6d5f30cfc6b565005d0fd34932b3599fb1475f48bda
3) made a video guide how to mint tBTC on mainnet, based on my experience
4) started translating the official website into Hebrew. Home page DONE it takes time to format English and Hebrew words in one sentence. I plan to finish the whole translation in October.
5)translation of articles into Hebrew:
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