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2500 KEEP
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@L i z 's Design Bonus - Additional 5k KEEP
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Hi ) my name is Maks. I'm Russian. I have been watching the KEEP since 2018. I have been participating in PFK for a while and plan to participate in the stakedrop when it starts. Also I'm photographer and I have design skills.

My contribution this month:

I wrote the article about tBTC and his role in the DEFI

Also I helped my friend @Shtihmas with helpful telegram-bot which contains  guides, videos, translates and more useful information to the Keep community.

This is my halloween postcard

My nodes have been running more than 2 months with over than 100 eth for bonding.


My nodes was uptime all month with over than 100 eth for bonding: 0xFa7E7E9AaA815796AdcED2707F714E6a5F152662

Also I helped my friend @Shtihmas with usefull assistant-bot with gides and articles to russian comunity.

I also wrote an article about BTC and its role in the decentralized economy:

Also here are my humble suggestions for logo design:


I'm photographer and I have design skills:
I  launched 2 nodes(random beacon and ECDSA) 0xFa7E7E9AaA815796AdcED2707F714E6a5F152662
Minted 1tbtc 0xB965d68052B849B29fE25497C51659BF9678bC9B
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources