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Hello, I'm a user living in Korea who joined Discord after getting to know keep a while ago. In particular, I was very interested in the project to upload bits to the Ethereum network, and tBTC was well prepared. So, we are working hard to create content and create a community to inform Koreans. We ask for your interest

I main focus in October was to inform Korean users about keep's information and possibilities.

1. I am running ESDSA NODE(testnet).

2. I am the administrator in the chat room of the keep community in Korea, and I deliver information and issues of keep every day. ( * The master of the Korean KEEP community is @DetoxJuice.

3. In Korea's famous coin community, information about "keep" was posted, recording a total of 22 posts and 7488 views. *In particular, there are no views on But that's where the default 100 hits come in. If you add up to this place, the total will be over 8000 views. and "Talken" Community posts were not included in the list due to the limit on the number of characters. upload link : 1. (419)
2. (565)
3. (388)
4. (2441)
5. (710)
6. (459)
7. (274)
8. (164)
9. (307)
10. (293)
11. (616)
12. (168)
14. (440)
15. (263)
16.  (286)
17. (87)

4. Finally, I am also the manager of Telegram who shares cryto information. Currently, there are 1038 people, and keep & tbtc & defi information is shared here every day. Many people became aware of keep and became interested. (, my tele id : @made1uk)


I was originally interested in finding and reporting potential blockchain projects, and I think KEEP is a project that really enables the scalability of Bitcoin.
I'm promoting KEEP by becoming deputy chief of the official Korean community chat. community address : In particular, I learned how to run a node in this room so I am running a test node now.
Running both ECDSA and Beacon nodes.
*In particular, there was a lot of help from @woosungchoi users.
In particular, I have written a lot to inform KEEP to Korean cryptocurrency users.
I went to the best posts and popular posts in the top 3 community in Korea.(cobak, talken..)
*These URL and the parentheses next to it are the number of readers.
1. (183)
2. (149)
3. (872)
4. (544)
5. (653)
6. (296)
7. (457)
8. (439)
9. (416)
10. (432)
11. (360)
12. (216)
13. (215)
The total number of people who read the post on KEEP I wrote in September was 5232. At the moment of writing this post, Korean users are interested in KEEP. I will try to make KEEP more known. Thanks for reading. I hope it helps the KEEP project.
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