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Hello Keep community, my name is Aleksander. I am the founder and CEO of and crypto enthusiast. Bitcoin miner from 2013. I believe that blockchain technology is the future. My goal is to clarify the value of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in a free economy and security.  
I joined Keep slack in February 2018 as "sharilovav" and following the Keep Network project since then. I think you are doing a very important part of the work by introducing blockchain technologies into everyday life.

Here are contributions for PFK for October:

Today we decided to announce continued support of your project!
Earlier we presented "Keep Network" to the audience of our site.
By heading the site with a banner leading to, we have collected there not only information about the project itself, but also detailed instructions (text and video format) about the deployment of Keep and ECDSA Nodes.
~ BTW our test nodes still active (0x6870407Bc801f9F5221aF3a550EF7598743fCD27) but we plan move to mainnet nodes

- 2771 people have visited [] in the last month.

- On the [] page, we have placed real-time updated KEEP and tBTC metrics.

- Both sites ([] and [] (waiting approve) ) were extended by the application for Android.



1. I decided to introduce Keep Network to the audience of my site. My project receives more than 160,000 views by the 70 000+ unique visitors interested in crypto from 187 countries of the world every month.

I created a page dedicated to the Keep Network project and tBTC dApp and added a banner to each page of So that as many people as possible learn about the project and, if they wish, can contribute.

2. I created two video manuals:

"Deploy a Random Beacon Node on the Keep Testnet"Deploy a Keep ECDSA Node on the Keep Testnet"  3. Introducing the Keep Network on our Twitter(CZ Binance @cz_binance reading us ): nd twitted meme about TBTC: 4. I launched the Beacon and ECDSA node.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources