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I'm new to KEEP. I was impressed with the PFK event when I heard about it!
Since I know how to run nodes I decided to participate too.

I did some minor changes to site.
I'm still running 2 nodes.


My main contribution for the month of September is KEEP Price Live site (real-time updates every 5 seconds)
It also has main exchanges and volume and some other quick information but the main focus is on the price. 
I wanted convenience.
And I got it. Just leave the browser tab opened! Even at work I can always take a quick look and the price is right there. No need to refresh monstrous CMC or Coingecko with lots of ads! Or type something in Discord and Telegram bots. Simple and elegant solution.  
lso I made 3 banners for tBTC:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources