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I'm Steve from Boston, MA

Here is our October PFK entry: 

1) We are running the Beacon and ECDSA nodes since early september.

2)  Why Keep?  To deploy a real lottery! 

3)  For this month's PFK, we are building on our previous work of Random Beacon explainer video -- but now we're deploying a REAL LOTTERY.

Plus all the source code to run your own. 

Also we have been in stealth-mode, but given our enthusiasm for PfK, we are announcing our company,, a Local Stablecoin that uses a lottery system to REWARD PURCHASES => Increased velocity of money is a good thing.  And we are developing a contactless payments (QR Codes) and a fast, stablecoin-only sidechain for payments.

To showcase our work, we have deployed a Lottery for this community you can all receive a lottery ticket and we will be doing a drawing to select the winners!  (For now it's fake KEEP -- but maybe the KEEP team would want to go mainnet?)
Here's how it works: 

1) You must have a ropsten wallet (most on here do!) 

3) Connect with metamask to your ropsten address 

4) Click on "BUY" Button to get One KEEP lottery ticket. (you can get more than one, but it should be for a friend -- don't get greedy!) 

5) Come back on November 7th when we'll run the lottery! 

What if I want to run my own Lottery? 

Source for website and contracts is below: (minus the private keys, and winning pool, of course!) so you will need your own keys and rewards to run a lottery. 

Code here: -- Contracts for running lottery, calling KEEP Random Beacon, distributing winnings React Website code to run both Ticket Buying and Picking Winners, Distributing prizes. 

Clone these repository set parameters in READMEs you will need rETH to post contracts Then you will also need an ERC20 token to give away!


September PFK entry:

1) We are running the Beacon and ECDSA nodes.
2) I have been following KEEP for over a year and really like the Random Beacon!  
It seems to be getting run over by the cool tBTC, but we still like it!
3) I have created an explainer video on how the Random Beacon works.  
Next month perhaps we'll do some specific applications of the Random Beacon?  
Who knows!
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