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Hello! My name's Mariia, I'm from Ukraine. I'm 31, married and have a little son. I'm an aviation engineer.
I'm a newbie to crypto and KEEP. My husband is more experienced, so he helps me to get into the swing of things.

My contribution to October's Playing for Keeps is:

1. An article on September's PFK
entries breakdown in English:
In Russian:
I'm planning to write the same article for October's entries, but with a bit different approach.

2. A couple of design contributions:3. My both ECDSA and Beacon nodes are still up since August.

4. My previous contribution here:


I've created the first KEEP mask for Instagram and Facebook:
I also have some ideas on articles, but I'm not going to make it till the end of September, so probably they would be ready for the next PFK round.
Looking forward to new challenges with KEEP Network.


With the help of one of KEEP community members
I've managed to run two nodes (random beacon and ECDSA) on separate reliable and stable servers.
I hope it won't take much time for me to become useful for the KEEP team and community.
Looking forward to interesting tasks and challenges.
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources