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I’m happy to be one of the early KEEP followers!  Proof: I can’t believe I received this email from Matt in January 2018!  


1) This month I decided to polish and upgrade my original visual Quest rather than inventing something new. Since I had some time while another quest was running. Now I have 100+ riddles each featuring a unique design. Sounds, 3d, virtual tour experience, steganography, cyphers, etc. Quite a lot of artwork which I can't show because of the spoilers 

2) Also, as suggested by Matt I was looking for ways to collaborate with other keepers. I hope to work on something big once the quest is finally released. This time I came up with several logo ideas for @rdfbbx monitoring system which seems to be quite awesome! Can’t wait to test it out. 

3) Beacon and ECDSA nodes.


This month my focus is laser sharp. I’m following up on my initial idea of a visual quest for the community and I’m taking it to the next level. BREAK the VAULT Quest: It’s operated by an Ethereum smart contract. Using blockchain here allows full transparency and guarantees fair results. It successfully passed all beta tests and is moving to the next phase now. The ultimate goal is to attract as many community members as possible, allowing those who can’t provide enough input for PFK also get rewards for just being fast, sharp and educated about KEEP Network and tBTC.

Some of the work that was done:
- processed 500+ puzzle ideas
- created, tested and audited smart contracts
- minted Quest tokens
- Photoshop, liquid HTML+CSS, JS, hosting, domain
- community beta tests with KEEP rewards (my piggy bank)

My nodes: 0xBbE6E60eA89C8BfE7eeDcEf135C73EE0c3a7bEe6


I’m a professional graphic designer with 15 years of experience. I was focusing on a visual side of things. I hope you consider my work for PFK (Aug 15-31).

1) PFK Quest v2 idea and graphics. Kris asked to PM him and discuss the details. Will contact him soon 

2) 8 mockups of 404 page for B/W colors to match the current design of the site. People tend to like the one where BTC and ETH are disconnected. Or maybe it’s just funny  

3) Memes:4) T-shirt designs:I plan to come up with some more merch ideas going forward. The bigger goal here is setting up a whole merch shop! Community will love it for sure.  

5) Marketing materials for KEEP and tBTC 

6) My Beacon and ECDSA nodes: 0xBbE6E60eA89C8BfE7eeDcEf135C73EE0c3a7bEe6
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources