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Hello everyone I am a new member of the KEEP community and I am very happy to join you.
I want to tell you a little bit about myself.
I am from Russia, I have experience in design work, I hope I will be useful to KEEP.

In November and December, as in the past PFK, @sultanofff and me continued to cooperate and work together within the PFK, we did the following work: My introduce message:
1)    I continue to operate on my two nodes (Random Beacon and ECDSA) launched in September.
2)    Created an infographic about Keep Network, Summa, Cross-Chain Group and tBTC: 3)    Created a promotional video based on the article "A new rewards mechanism" (, which I published on December 7 on my Youtube channel and added a short description with links to the resource and my invitations to the Keep Network and tBTC Discord channels. In 23 days, the video was viewed by more than 150 people, it was also announced in various telegram groups of channels dedicated to cryptocurrency: 4)    Based on, we created an application for Android devices, which is also called KeepScan. First, here is a link to the app in the Google Play store: The app has completely passed moderation and verification, also passed open testing and is now a working version and ready to download to your devices! in the "KeepScan" application, all the functions that are available on the site are available (founder-@emerido, this information is also provided in the app description). This app makes it easy for users to monitor Keep and tBTC. KeepScan is also adapted for both mobile devices and tablets.   
5) Traditionally, New Year's eve brings interesting ideas. So we came up with the idea to create interesting new year's videos with Keep Network. We tried to create a video that conveys the new year's mood and allows you to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere with Keep. P.S. when creating some videos, we used the physical coin Keep Network that we created earlier.
Also without new year's theme Video download link:
6)    We have made changes to the site created by me together with @sultanofff for the Russian-speaking community Keep Network and tBTC. We have added new sections that include the latest Keep Network news translated into Russian, as well as information about the Keep token on the market. I also want to remind you that the site includes information about Keep project, Keep token and tBTC.
7)    We have finalized the telegram bot that me created earlier. So, we have included in its functions all the information about Stakedrop and guide for mining tBTC on Mainnet. We also added monitoring of the token price on the Kraken exchange to existing other pairs. Recall that the KEEPer bot created to help to familiarize with KEEP project, tBTC, PFK, KEEP token price and where it is traded.
8)    I  wrote a review about the usability of Keep Token Dashboard: 9)    We remind you that if you still haven't played our unique game Keeper's Adventures, which we created more than two months ago, you just have to pass two levels, we are sure you will like it!
Two training videos to understand how to play it: 10)    Also translation of articles into Romanian: Un nou mecanism de recompense Cum să vă retrageți rețeaua Keep Stakedrop folosind Etherscan KEEP este acum disponibil pe Kraken Amanda Cassatt să judece PFK ultima rundă pentru 2 milioane KEEP KEEP stimulentul Uniswap LP pentru câștigătorii PFK Prezentare generală a sistemului tehnic tBTC  Depozitele TBTC sunt acum live pe Kraken Gitcoin Grants R8 Hackathon - Keep Și TBTC Ecosystem Development Grant  TBTC este acum disponibil pe CoinList 11)    My referral links to the invitation: Keep Network:

My submissions for September and October: @sultanofff and me have helped many people get acquainted with the project, launch nodes and much more.


In October, we decided to team up with @sultanofff, as we had common ideas for implementation.
Working in a team was much more effective than working solo. Given our design and programming skills we made the following contributions in October :
Our links to discord messages:
1)    We launched two nodes that were updated in a timely manner and worked without interruptions, random beacon and ecdsa.

2)    We created a website (landing page) for the Russian-speaking community of Keep Network. The site includes all necessary information about Keep project, Keep token and tBTC. When creating the site we used the design developed by me (it was presented in September PFK).
Between the blocks of the site we placed the videos we created about Keep, the physical coin Keep and tBTC. Keep Network RU also includes other features, links to social networks of the Russian community, official pages of Keep Network and tBTC and information about the team. Besides it is fully adapted to the mobile version 3)    We created a telegram bot – KEEPer bot. We used a character from our stickers and the game. The KEEPer bot created to help to familiarize with KEEP project, tBTC, PFK, KEEP token price and where it is traded It has a unique design, presentation videos when you click on some buttons, as well as easy navigation and easy monitoring of price changes for the KEEP token. It will be especially useful for new users of the KEEP community.4)    We have completely improved and refined the game Keeper's Adventure that @sultanofff created earlier. This time we redesigned the game's graphics (added bone animation), changed the game elements and its dynamics.
There are currently 2 levels in the game:
1. Castle,
2. Garden (happy Halloween!).
We developed the game using Unity, all the graphics of the game are drawn exclusively by us, that is, the game is completely new both in design (graphics) and in idea. 5) We have completely redesigned sticker pack KEEPer! Previously, @sultanofffpresented 9 stickers, and now there is a whole pack of them – 25 stickers! The idea is to represent the character in the image of a tower (KEEPer's head), since the tower is an integral part of the KEEP logo. Also, the character is the main character of the game Keeper's Adventure Link to the archive with psd and png: 
6)    We created a design for the KEEP dashboard mobile app. Using the design elements featured on the "Keep Community Design Kit", we gave each page a unique background, and also created the app design in dark shades (Work added to community showcase)7)    We created some interesting presentation videos using the physical coin Keep that me created earlier:also we created some spectacular intro videos with the image of the KEEP logo:Intro video from tBTC:
Link to the archive with the video in high quality:
8)    A few memes from us:P.S. Team work!


I want to introduce to my activity for the September PFK!

Link to discord message:

1) I started two nodes: random beacon and ecdsa: 0xD23723561CB61D045024313Ca483B7dEC05ef167

2) I created a presentation slide KEEP Network, I hope it can be used for any purpose useful for the project
Link to PSD:

3) I changed the design of the tBTC site to the design of the KEEP Network site :
Link to download a file in PSD format:

4) I created stickers and named them KEEPman - this is a new character in our interesting game:
5) Created a Keep Network Wallpaper for desktop:link:

and for smatphone:link:

6) Created a physical KEEP coin that can be used for various design projects:
Link to PSD:

7) Translated the article into Romanian:
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources