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1) This month I continued to give away Ropsten ETH to the new community members. Less requests than last month.
But I think I still helped about 20 people. Also, was answering some of their basic questions about running nodes and their set up.
2) My 2 KEEP nodes.


So far I helped 40 people in Discord. I was sending 20.5 Ropsten ETH to everyone in need. Somehow it was a big pain for newbies to get it. I suppose ETH faucets were broken for quite some time. I collected much more ETH than I ever need so it was my pleasure to help them with their requests.

The problem is closed. I'm not dissappearing after PFK. Anyone can still ask me ETH. I'm ready to help.

I also made 2 video production works.

1. A creative video concept -  "tBTC in 100 words"!!! I used minimalistic design and simple but catchy stomping tune. I think it overall matches tBTC design.

2. Powered by KEEP animated GIF! My 2 KEEP nodes: 0x8c479D306A5C6a33794776DED3D3c8eeafC280C5
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