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Hey everyone! Glad to be part of the growing KEEP family.  I like the idea that holders can have the freedom to choose how to deal with their savings. By creating convenient ecosystems, the KEEP team will remove the limitations that exist in many similar projects. Isn't it freedom of action that we all want to get from cryptocurrency? My name is Oleg and I am from Bulgaria. My experience in the crypto industry is already rich enough to appreciate the merits and benefits of Keep. I have been involved in and followed the development of such projects as TRON, Gossipcoin, Supro, Block-Logic, Neo, Morpher, Eclipse, Byte. I create nodes for test and real networks, mine, trade on several crypto-exchanges and actively follow the news. KEEP is an interesting and ambitious project, with a lively community, a real program and a strong development team.  I am glad to be with you and I will make efforts to develop the KEEP network. Now my priorities will be translating articles into Bulgarian, launching and maintaining nodes, and also comparing the advantages offered by KEEP with competitors.

With the desire to convey to more people and teach them to use TBTC, I have translated several articles into Bulgarian , for the army of many thousands of Bulgarian users. Also, in order to reach a larger number of people and warm up their interest in, I created an article in which I colorfully compare the secrets of the success of the KEEP and APPLE In this several month I invited @veronikon  talented designer and PFK winner
created more 15 articles on Bulgarian , Russian and English languages and supported 2 nodes ECDSA and Beacon more than 3 month THANKS!!

Here my efforts and achievements in October for the KEEP  project:

1. more than 2 months troubleproof work of my nodes ECDSA and Random.
More than 1600 requests from KEEP Network processed everyday 

2. I regularly create analytics article and translates from KEEP blog on several language.
My article where I compare Apple and Keep and they history of success on russian
same on english
this two articles collect more 57 unique reading.

3. Like a good tradition, translated important articles from Keep blog to Bulgarian  language. It's already 14 articles from me in this 3 months


1) My nodes work already 32 days without stopping and maintenance.
Everyday thousands of requests from the test network are processed, to maintain a stable load   ECDSA and Beacon  nodes. 

2) I invited new user @veronikon, my friend and talented designer. Helped with nodes.   

3) with the beginning of TBTC, the importance of marketing and advertising is growing, so I created a small video that carries one idea, that TBTC is the product which gives you exactly what you expect for your bitcoin 1:1. Perhaps this idea is useful for professional advertising companies

4) just like in August, I continue to publish translations of the main articles about the KEEP team, development, and technologies into Bulgarian. 
Here new 3 articles 

Translate doc's and articles from English original to Bulgarian language, total 8 articles and doc's

Run and update a ECDSA node: 0x900FeeFaFdD24BFa807c280a8529790A72Bd8E72.
Created the brand identity for Keep
Also designed of first screen for main website KEEP
Daily checking of statistics and working status of ECDSA node, also participate in the discussions and support a friendly working environment in the community

Translations: BG  :

 I wish all the good results and great rewards! KEEP going
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