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Hi Everyone! My name is Anas and I am product designer. I've have been interested in Keep for a long time and have read numerous articles about Keep on Medium, so I decided to join the community. I'm participating in PFK and hoping to work on designing a few things for iOS native version of the token dashboard experience.

I have been working away on the token dashboard for iOS but instead of creating a mockup for the full iOS app, i focused on the rewards. My assumption is, generally people using the app are focused on 'status maintenance' journeys, such as checking on their reward status and understanding the state of the grants.
I have designed two screens here - the first one is the rewards page, showing all the details about the rewards that one accumulating. The second is a screenshot of an iOS 14 widget. It’s a quick summary of the rewards, how much one has earned and what they accumulated for the day.

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