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Hello, everybody! My name is Bella. I am a student Faculty of International Relations, and novice designer. I am here to learn more about the project! I want to contribute to the project! I Want to participate in your events, test my skills! Wanted to try to participate in the August PFK, but there was no time - work and university This time I'm ready! I will publish my works soon. Hope you enjoy them!

1. I am launched BEACON and ECDSA nodes (address 0xDC90F1Cdbe019EE137A923393e0EfD93A1341832)

2. I created a redesign for your main site (if necessary, I will send a psd file). I hope you will like it:)

3. Created a Chinese news channel in Telegram to develop your project in China.

4. And created stickers... Yes, one more kit:) I tried to draw it realistically, I hope it turned out well!
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