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Hi, this is Hans. I live in Berlin.
I decided to prepare promo and marketing materials. Focus just on that but do that good. Once Covid-19 is gone all the blockchain events, exhibitions, partnerships, acquisitions, community meetings are back.
I imagine KEEP Network would start working on offline exposure as well.

I’m operating  ECDSA and Random Beacon nodes.
Took it slow this month. Thanks!


Long story short. I was using Brand Media Guide and all other guides to catch that design sense and wisdom.

Links to Discord Messages:
1. Roll up banner
2. ID card (press card)
3. Press wall
4. Office logo
5. PFK Winner award (for top tier winners party)
6. Corporate Office design
7. Banner
8. Branded booklet (mint color pages inside)
9.  BONUS!  Also My Favorite!!!   Whale KEEP Staker car!!! 
10. Random Beacon and ECDSA nodes: 0x09A90dD13F625f1e9511b5B8175ed6aB42c4aD35  

Thank you and I hope my works help the team to settle on marketing materials and design for offline events. Or at least to find a best direction.
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