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Hello guys, my name is Mark and I am a UI/UX/Product Designer with over 8+ years of experience in the FinTech industry. I have been into Keep since early 2018 but unfortunately I got busy (at work) and have just gotten back into the community. So I guess, I can still contribute to the growing community of KEEP.



Hello Keep and tBTC community! Happy New Year to all!
It's the last PFK so I went all out! Here's a list of what I did for the last 2 months (Nov & Dec)

1. I designed and maintaining All content in Filipino/Tagalog (An aggregate of all Filipino content from articles/blogs/news translations to design, etc).
I hope that this will be the primary resource of new and future Filipino community members. Also, special thanks to @steyrcrypto#4788, @Ken Berey#1598 and @AkoSiBaog#2016 who agreed to republish their works in the website. and news pages have a translation rating feature and a facebook comment to check translation's accuracy later on.

2. Designed 1 page site for Keep >

3. Designed 1 page site for tBTC

4. I tried to translate but have not much time and finish on time, instead, added and translated Staking 101 on the website and links to >

5. My goal is to replicate the content of the original websites as much as possible and translate them to Filipino.
a) all keep blogs (from medium) translated and imported [old and new] >
b) all tbtc news (on tbtc website) translated >

I (together with my students and couple of friends) translated a total of 33 posts/news 15 reuploaded posts from other Filipino translators


From Keep Translations Spreadsheet

6. Showcase the designs (ui/ux, creative and education) gallery made by PH community

7. Answered Liz's usability survey and added some UI review/recommendations as well

8. Designed a dark version of the new keep token dashboard

9. I organized a zoom Christmas meeting with high school friends and introduced crypto, btc, eth, keep and tbtc. Many of them has zero knowledge to crypto so introducing it to them kinda made me look genius. LOL

10. Invited people from other crypto groups in TG and Discord to join both Keep and tBTC community discord channels. Not really sure how that turned out.

11. Still running my random beacon testnet node.
Thank you @Matt Luongo@L i z@Kris@Jonathan@Will and to the whole Keep Team! Happy New Year!

For my October’s PFK, I have the following

1. I added more components to the Keep Community Design System which were not added yet in the file. These includes the following

· Radial chart components for unlock and staked
· Table components for desktop and mobile
· Glossary navigation components

Gladly, it was already merged by @Dat#2689 Thanks @Datfor the shoutout!

2. I made a dark theme for the mobile web dashboard.
I used @le-designer#2845's work from the showcase as base as well as the current implementation/dashboard. Designs adjusted to a wider 375px (for more real estate) and to be mobile-first design.
Also included UI potential fixes (as if it's on the default theme), font sizes update for readability and more.
It was also added to the Community Showcase in the Keep Community Design System.Project is here:

3. I’m still running my node.


Right now, I’m running my beacon node at my address 0xa9122C12cB00e87467e0155CF7efa28276F80Fae

And here’s what I have done so far:

1. Keep Token Dashboard Review - this is the first thing I did and what @L i z  recommended. Oh well, I like reviewing stuff especially on the design end. It’s like a peer-to-peer designer review so I enjoyed it a bit. You can see the review here:

2. Keep Community Design Kit Review and Contributions - I love what the Keep Team and community contributors did here. It is well done. I have been doing design systems myself using Sketch+InvisionApp  so I can relate how this thing will make the design work a lot faster and efficient in the future. I chat with @Dat  with some comments and recommendations about it and I think we both agreed. This thing is a must for the design team so I am excited about the future and to what I can contribute. Next month will be sure an awesome month of design development as I see some great enhancements already in the kit and glad to test those in the future.

3. I made a simple, clean Keep Deposit Explorer. You can see it here with source file:

4. Also, made a black theme/night mode style for the dApp’s landing page. You can see it here with source file:

Overall, I am excited for the next developments. Fun times ahead for sure. Thanks!
Contribution: KEEP Tools
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Contribution: Community Resources