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Hi everyone~^_^ This is Erica. Over the past four years, I have been writing many popular science articles on blockchain, and translating white papers for several blockchain projects.
Now I work for DAppChaser and China Science Writers Association. Recently, I learned about KEEP through my friend Blocknia.
tBTC is attractive to bitcoiners and DeFi enthusiasts~ I've already bought some $KEEP last month~ XD I will try my best to create more useful tools and content for KEEP Community.

Happy New Year! This is @Erica . Discord account: Erica#5887 I created a website – KeepDAO ( in September and keep updating it. By KeepDAO, Chinese fans could learn anything about Keep and tBTC, such as articles, tutorials, site navigation, project updates and the latest activities. What I do in November and December—— 19 articles posted and all of them uploaded on IPFS:
1. (Original)
2. (Original)
3.  (Original)
4.  (Original)
5.  (Translation)
6. (Translation+ Original)
7.  (Translation)
8.  (Original)
9. (Original)
10. (Original)
11. (Translation)
12. (Original)
13. (Translation)
14. (Translation)
15. (Translation)
16. (Original)
17. (Original)
18. (Translation)
19. (Translation)


1. Add more Keep and tBTC community websites on
2. Answer Chinese members' questions enthusiastically in the channel #🇨🇳keep-zh , Keep wechat groups and many crypto telegram groups 2. MEMEs
3. Desgin: for example, I created pictures for each article I posted.

I created and keep updating the website – KeepDAO (, where Chinese crypto fans could learn anything about Keep Network and tBTC, including articles, tutorials, site navigation (, project updates and the latest activities.

  • Articles posted in October: 

1.    tBTC/Keep联合创始人 Matt Luongo出席IOSG DeFi Summit: (Original)

2.    如何在以太坊上铸造免信任的比特币 tBTC?: (Translation)

3.    Arjun Balaji将担任本轮PFK评委,200万Keep奖励待分发: (Translation)

4.    详解WBTC、tBTC和RenBTC,谁将笑到最后?: (Translation)

5.    KEEP走进Decentraland:来自社区的卓越贡献:  (Original)

6.    tBTC实现对Celo的安全访问,扩大BTC持有者的机会:

7.    推特kol开启tBTC火炬接力赛,以证明zksync转账手续费低:

8.    以太坊DeFi借贷协议AAVE发起提议,拟支持tBTC:

  • Others: 

1.    Teaching other Chinese members what KEEP and tBTC are.

2.    MEME:

3.    Desgin education:


1.    A Chinese KEEP Fans Website -KeepDAO (Completed):

2.    Website Details:
(1)Designs (Completed)
(2)KEEP ecological map (Completed):
(3)Chinese Introduction  (Completed)

3.    Translations-articles:

4.    Medium (Completed): The traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) versions of the articles will be published here. There were 9 articles published in September.

5.    Twitter:

6.    Weibo:

7.    Keep White Paper CN (reviewing):

8.    MEMEs:
(1) (2)

9.    Next month: running nodes (almost done) & videos & more articles...
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources