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for the card tricks also that Prestwich Thor meme was
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Hello everyone! My name is Azat. I've been interested Keep-Network since the time of the slack. I like the philosophy underlying the Keep and I want to be part of this community. I want to be useful and monitor to extent the development of the project.

Happy New Year to the Keep Network community! Wishing you a bullish 2021! Pay attention and show care for your loved ones! There is nothing more important than family! To Team Keep, I wish you to reach your potential!

Congratulations on completing the epic adventure called Play for Keeps! It was fascinating and emotional.

My activities: I previously did a Halloween game for the community -

This month I went back to my Keep Network Tutorial Deck idea.
The first version of the deck was a test one. We played with friends and I watched how they reacted, what questions they asked, what they didn't understand, and their overall impression. I wrote out notes and gradually reworked the initial version.

Introducing the Keep Network Tutorial Deck v.2 The deck features four extensive themes. Each theme has a different suit.    
1.  Clubs                 - What is Keep network? What problems does it solve? What are the key features?  
2.  Hearts             - KEEP token and its features    
3.  Spade              - tBTC and its features    
4.  Diamonds      - tools, community, history, and a little bit more about the Keep  Network Download, print, and test the new deck at the link:

Beacon and ECDSA node.
I added all my winning KEEPs to the KEEP/ETH LPs. Didn't sell a single KEEP token  

Happy New Year! thx @Will for info

The second month of the KEEP takes most of my attention.    
It was not an easy month for the KEEP community, so I thought about how to cheer up and add fun. Here's my decision and contribution to PFK for October:   

1. I created an original game and character design.       

Halloween has begun in KEEP NETWORK TOWN. With the onset of night wakes up the undead and tries to attack.        
To protect and make KEEP TOWN safer, more nodes need to be created. More nodes is more security, decentralization and sustainability.        
Be brave and fast. Good luck!
Collect Keep coins and set nodes.            
The more nodes you collect, the higher your position in the leaderboard.            
Every 10 nodes accelerates the basic rate of falling gourds by 10%.
Every 20 KEEP coins allow you to make 1 node.            
  • Green (K) = 1 coin            
  • Silver (K) = 3 coin            
  • Gold (K) = 1 node
  • A - left            
  • D - right            
  • Space - sprint    
2. Short logo video -   

3. Still holding testnet nodes - 0x06B7Cb03318Df831f5E4Bb72954946cc39919739  

4. Bonus Tenet mem:


Running both ECDSA and Beacon nodes.

I have developed a unique and simple training method for learning my friends. For this purpose, I created a deck of cards with many basic guides.
The design of the cards is made to convey the philosophy of Keep Network. For more information, watch my video

Organized a series of home poker tournaments and informed all players and new participants about the Keep Network. I gave a small prize pool of 100 KEEP to those who made the quest on my "secret" card. Gave more than 10 card decks to the players to tell about KEEP to their friends. I also invited and helped new members of the KEEP community to participate in PFK.

Links for downloading layouts -
and a little bonus mem Thor James Prestwich - introduce yourself!
Good luck to everyone and have a good day!
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources