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for the clever Medium scraper for translations. Hint - if you bring some order to our translation process there's a bigger prize waiting
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Hello guys, my name is Gilang, I'm 20 y/o jаvascript and Ruby programmers


My last round PFK submission 

1. Installing update for my ECDSA node And of course I make sure it still run Random Beacon node as well.

2. To help people find article that has no translation, I still maintaining I really wish it was helpful for most translator in this server. I also fix some minor issue in the Bot that collecting the translation.

3. Translate an article into Bahasa!

4. And last but not least, I managed to invite some people from my community, my refferal ID is WcrywX3XZg

I don't know the exact number for people using my link, but most of them at least ex miner that looking forward to DeFi app, my friends whose got bunch of 1inch and Uni, or just some weebs. Hopefully my submission counted, I really looking forward for KEEP Project in 2021 can't wait to see amazing milestone the team will make in 2021!

So for my work in October:

1. I upgrade my VPS that run both ECDSA and Beacon Node.

2. I create a website that collect all submission in #📚translations  channel, so it's easiest for everyone to find article that has no translate yet. URL :
October Stats :
Source code :

For getting new message I create bot for that. This bot will extract every url from every chat in #📚translations  then fetch the metadata, translate it, find closest article using Levenshtein Distance, and save. Surprisingly it's work very well! 
Source code :

3. I also collect 32 articles from #📚translations  about tBTC news article to help those who translate it to submit PR in tBTC github repo, and re-structure news page: (I put every translator name in side the Markdown file)
Also create 1 translation directly in PR:
Also made 1 blog post translation and 1 guide to submit translation:

and for the fourth is actually still on progress, but I think it deserve to be here.

4. I noticed some people submit their translation only in #📚translations  but not in spreadsheet.
So far submission:
- In spreadsheets: 1053
- In #translation : 940
The difference not stop in there, after I compare between them:
~ 209 url is in translation but not in spreadsheet*
- 334 url is in spreadsheet but isn't in #📚translations* (*this number isn't final yet)

I noticed that while creating library to convert spreadsheet to JSON, I'll share the library too when I finished sync between spreadsheet and and submission in #📚translations .

And that's it my boring submission it's really feel nice to be here!
Here's also a memes that belong here!


I'm currently working running beacon node for my address : 0x35D2E6B016654eb855B81ebE9520e07F874E8fe0

So now I had another contribution! Long short story, I has a bot that has bunch of traffic, it's doujin downloader, you can check here: (my bot on telegram: nHentai_v2_bot)

So instead of make people do nothing while waiting to their doujin finish download, I create a section where I put keep article on that, it filter by country so my user will got translation of keep article in their language, if there's no translation for spesific language it will return english article.

Mostly my user spend about 5 minutes to download a single doujin, so I think it's enough time for them to learn about KEEP  

For scraping the article I also made a library to do that. It's not so perfect yet but it works 

I also made a public repo for tracking pull request for new article or translation

But it has cons:

- its currently only work with chrome version 66 or above because css issue
- medium scraper still fail to scrape some article sometimes

But I really passionate to working on it  here's what I do rn:

- Currently try to fix css so it will support all browser
- Improve SEO, so it will reach more people in the future

Example download page: (please note this only show article in chrome because it has css issue atm, also it works best in mobile )

Conclusion: I'm not really good at writing article or translate things  (you can see how bad my english in this chat) but I've community that I can educated about KEEP Project, hope my contribution count, thanks
Contribution: KEEP Tools
Contribution: KEEP Guides
Contribution: Community Resources