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for mining gobs of Ropsten ETH for a community faucet! Check out @Faucet_Keep_Ropsen_Bot on Telegram!
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Hello everyone! I am Stas.

I have been supporting the project for a long time by raising a node. But now I saw the problem, there is no way to quickly get test ETH. The cranes work, sometimes they don't. And they don't give the right amount. I decided to mine test ETH and make a dedicated faucet for our community to fix this problem.

To solve the first task, to mine enough ETH, I had to spend the most time and effort. It's very easy to launch a miner on the main network now, but to mine on the test network, I had to sweat a little and completely sync the blockchain about 10 times)
In the end, I managed to start mining on the AWS service with a Tesla T4 GPU! According to my calculations, 43% of the blocks were mine)
Then I created a bot telegram and a series of protections so that the crane would not quickly empty. Below I will outline the requirements in order to receive 25 ETH on the testnet. I mined 7000 test ETH for the community.

To receive 25 ETH, you need to send the ETH address to the telegram bot at @Faucet_Keep_Ropsen_BotTo receive, you need to have a balance of less than 25 ETH, and get a grand from Keep.

I'm sure it will be useful for the community and will shorten the time it takes to find ETH! The full faucet code, I will post a little later on Github.

Telegram bot: @Faucet_Keep_Ropsen_Bot Discord account:T1ckx#4571
My ECDSA node and Operator Beacon:0x8A63631ccEdF1f3964f5988d8d536520768ADBB2
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